Clean & Bright Carpet Cleaning

 I use a US Products HHP300 It has a built in heater and lots of vacuum power to allow your carpets to dry quickly. 

I also prespray the cleaning products on first then use a neutral cleaner to extract the soil and cleaners out of your carpet.

By using this system carpet resoiling because of sticky soap residue is eliminated. Below is an experience of a company using

this same machine in the Chicago area.  

Lots of celebrities live in Chicago’s famed Gold Coast—world-famous television personalities, sports figures, and powerful business leaders. “We’ve had the opportunity to work for just about all of them, and we’ve seen just about every carpet cleaning problem you can imagine,” said Lisa Greenberg of Sealmaster, Inc, a Chicago area based carpet cleaning company. 

A common problem Greenberg encounters is pet dander odor, usually from expensive and often exotic dogs and cats. “They sometimes have oily 

coats that can leave an offensive scent on our clients’ costly carpeting and furniture,” said Greenberg. 

There are several deodorants and enzyme cleaners that may help eliminate these odors from carpeting, but Greenberg said that the real secret is in the 

water temperature of the solution used to clean the carpets. “As the temperature of the water increases, the effectiveness of the detergents 

increases,” said Greenberg. In fact, the cleaning efficiency doubles each 18- degree rise in temperature after 118 degrees Fahrenheit. 

“It’s all in the heat. That’s why we use the HHP-300 by U.S. Products,” said Greenberg. The HHP-300 keeps the water at 212 degrees at the wand tip, 

“where it really counts,” said Greenberg. The heat along with the adjustable 300 PSI allows Sealmaster’s crews to clean better, more effectively, and faster, and their clients’ carpets dry quicker. 

Another feature that Greenberg likes is the fact that the HHP-300 has variable PSI. “We can clean carpets at 300 PSI and then switch to a lower setting, such 

as 75 PSI,  to clean delicate furnishings,” she said. “Our customers demand quality. They often have a top-quality automobile in the 

driveway, so we use a top-quality carpet cleaner—the HHP-300—to clean their rugs. That’s how you get and keep celebrity clients like these happy,” said 


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