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                                   Carpet Cleaning

  Steam Cleaning / Hot-water Extraction method available 

  Steam Cleaning / Hot-water Extraction method in other words is commonly referred to as restoration cleaning by professionals.

  There comes a time when all other methods apart from Steam Cleaning is no longer effective; so we can now consider the most effective way of restoring the carpet to its cleanest state. This is when Steam-cleaning comes into place.

  This method is recommended by major carpet manufacturers.

  The 7 steps we use in restoring your carpet are as follows:

  1- Pre-Inspection of carpet fibres. The most common forms of carpet are Wool, Cotton & Jute, Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, and Acrylic.

  2- Vacuum – Carpet is pre-vacuumed with  professional vacuum cleaner to extract soil, dirt, dust, hair, crumbs etc.

  3- Pre – Condition – the carpet is lightly sprayed with a non-toxic cleaning agent. The pre-treatment cleaner us the most important cleaning agent in the process of hot-water extraction. Using high-quality solutions / agents from Steam Way International.

  4- Agitate & Dwell - the carpet is agitated, allowing the non-toxic cleaning agent to run between the carpet fibres (for a more thorough clean). Agitation assists in suspension of soil. Dwell times gives the chemical time to work.

  Proper agitation and dwell time will allow reduced chemical use, where a lot of households are concerned about the use of chemicals.

  Rinse & Extract – During rinsing, soils are emulsified and suspended in water, using our state-of-the-art HHP-300, U.S PRODUCT.

  Tab & Block – If furniture is present on the carpet, Tab & Block is put under the furniture to avoid discolouring the carpet.

  Groom & Dry – The carpet is groomed with a groomer, rake or brush: which enables the carpet to dry faster.  Optional Services:  Deodorisation: A deodorizer can also be applied to neutralize odours and give the carpet a fresh fragrance.  Protection: We can extend our service by protecting your carpet, which involves spraying your carpet with a non-toxic water – based fluorochemical protector i.e. 3M Scotchgard or DuPont from Teflon.

  You now have a healthier carpet, which can expect a longer life-span.

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